Thank You Poem from PA VP Elliot Targum

May 5th, 2017

Thank you for your help, you fantastic volunteers
From the start you welcomed families with warmth and good cheers
In Fall functions you helped the new folks allay all their fears
Then you REALLY got to know them over Novemberfest beers

The success of this year is truly due to you
From an enrichment kangaroo
to a hospitable halloween ‘boo’
(don’t forget the back-to-school goodies too!)

Some might say and I’d agree that you’re a limited edition,
You certainly forwarded emails with a steady repetition
Some of you used school walls to post facts about nutrition,
And others used their time to support BDS's process of Admission,

Thanks for providing faculty breakfasts with their extravagant fruits
Thanks for setting up summer socials for your kids’ peer groups
And thanks for those Friday night lights and those Friday night hoops,
And thanks for occasionally reading our thank you notes in the Scoops

You produced an evening of film and festive family Fun
You put flowers in Coolidge that blossom in the sun
You sold books and you sold games, raising dollars one-by-one
(helping the rest of us avoid one more holiday shopping run)

Some of you made money by selling pumpkins big and round,
While others made the town of Belmont know our school was sound.
One team did the sorting of every library book that was bound,
While others made a habit of ensuring lost items were often found. 

Often this Parent Association is seen as a backbone
Creating a culture that celebrates milestone to milestone
From Poetry to State Fair to Freedom Night to Capstone
And incredible evenings that start here and are Homegrown

We all appreciate how you always go the distance
With brilliance and joy and hearty heartfelt persistence
You’ve now all earned a peaceful summer break existence
Since lord knows that come fall I’ll again need your assistance.