Support Local Business for Belmont Appreciation Day, Friday, May 20

May 13th, 2016

Friday, May 20
Belmont Day community members are invited to come support local business by visiting Belmont shops, restaurants, and other local businesses on Friday, May 20. Our business neighbors help us as regular vendors who deliver to the school or provide a place for us to consume excellent local fare. In appreciation please consider wearing a “B” sticker and shopping near the school.  

This is not a fundraiser—it is a friendraiser. We want to share our appreciation with our neighbors. So cheerily go to Belmont, let vendors know you are a member of the BDS community, and...

  • meet a friend for coffee!
  • buy a gift for a friend's birthday!
  • have lunch with your child!
  • order take out for family movie night!
  • have dinner with your loved ones!

For questions please contact