Student Seeks Medical Supply Donations for China

Belmont Day School
January 31st, 2020

For grade six student Lucy Zhang, the outbreak of the coronavirus and the threat of its spreading from China to the rest of the world is an immediate and very real concern. Something more than a passing news story that might grab her attention for just a moment before losing its pull.

“[My family] came from China,” said Lucy, who was born in northern China and lived there until her family moved to the United States in 2018, when she was 10-years old. “China is very important to me. If we can help solve this problem, we can stop [the virus] there before more people die.”

Lucy, a first-year student at Belmont Day, is now reaching out to her new school community to help. Specifically, she’s asking for donations of purchases of basic medical supplies that can be sent to a group of volunteers in Delaware who will gather all the items and send them to where they are needed most in China.

While supplies such as medical masks, gloves, coveralls, and goggles are running low, Lucy and her family have found that there are a handful of distributors with available stocks. That list of distributors and items is available to download here. Lucy asks that when placing an order to donate, that you please have it sent directly to the following address: 3025 Bowlarama Drive, New Castle, DE 19720.

“There’s a major shortage of these medical supplies in China, so if we can get some to them from the U.S., it will help,” Lucy said. “I hope people can help out if they are able.”

If you do make a donation, please email grade 6 science teacher and grade 6 coordinator and advisor Kaleen Moriarty who will inform Lucy.

Lucy Zhang