Solar Power Supports the Barn

Corrado Paramithiotti, Director of Operations
April 25th, 2019

The addition of the Barn was not only a decisive undertaking to provide our students with more learning and athletics spaces, but it was also a decisive step on the path to sustainability for our school.

Belmont Day has implemented numerous sustainability initiatives through the years, from our garden and beehives, the elimination of plastic water bottles and the installation of LED fixtures, to composting and recycling. Additionally, with the construction of the Barn, we installed an 80 kW solar array on the roof which feeds directly into the building. It is expected that the array will provide up to 15% of the Barn's electrical needs.

The new arrays are an exciting addition to our curriculum work in sustainability and we look forward to tracking the savings, exploring the design, electronics, and engineering of solar panels, and continuing to reduce our carbon footprint.

Check out our Solar Kiosk for a live glimpse at the daily energy production and the collateral environmental savings and benefits produced by this installation.