Presenting the Belmont Day Curriculum Scope and Sequence

– Nicole Buck, middle school Latin teacher and faculty representative on the board of trustees, on behalf of the Belmont Day School faculty
October 21st, 2022

It is an honor to announce the publication of the new Belmont Day Curriculum Scope and Sequence guide. Across departments and grade levels, teaching faculty thoroughly examined various strands and aspects of their curriculum over the past two years through the strategic lens of excellence. The guide is the product of this work.

The curriculum review process is an integral part of quality academic programs. It provides teachers with an intentional opportunity to reflect on, iterate, and revise their teaching practice. At Belmont Day, this intentionality ensures equity, inclusion, belonging, innovation, assessment, and mission alignment are part of our academic vision.

The scope and sequence guide serves multiple purposes. It provides a window into the learning happening across the Belmont Day campus and the purposeful building of skills from pre-kindergarten to grade 8. It captures a moment in our institutional history as we examine best practices and curricula to continue inspiring and challenging generations of BDS students. Our curriculum document's 2022-23 version demonstrates our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence.

Cover of the Curriculum Scope and Sequence