Physical Education News, March 6

Alex Tzelnic and Abbey Nyland, physical education teachers
March 6th, 2020

Students Get Moving After Break

Our pre-kindergarten to grade four physical education students have been on a roll since February break, learning new games, using new materials, and getting into an athletic groove. To combat the cold-ish winter weather, students arrived to class and got right into a Tabata warm-up. Then they worked on their castle building (and castle destroying) skills leading up to castleball, a game played with a hula hoop structure comprised of six hoops. They also practiced throwing, passing, and communicating as a team in handball, and got into the mad dash spirit of gold rush. They incorporated the castles, throwing, and fitness work into some innovative obstacle courses, and spent the last week working on various net games on our badminton nets. You may think you've seen cooperation at its finest, but there's nothing quite like observing a group of students try and keep a balloon in the air using pool noodles. It's sometimes the lightest piece of equipment that can pose the greatest challenge!

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