Physical Education News, December 19

Abbey Nyland, Physical Education Teacher
December 19, 2019

Great Energy Heading Into Winter Break

If there is one thing we are sure of in physical education, it’s that heading into a break, our students definitely won’t take a break from being physically active. The action has been intense, and they’ve been preparing for it all year, working on skills as individuals, then in pairs, and finally, as teams. And we’ve been thrilled to award extra points for displays of sportsmanship, recognizing our students who are leading by example, and listening to the communication of our students complimenting each other’s achievements, as ultimately we are all one team at BDS.

In Pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and grade 1, our students used pool noodles and foam balls to learn and develop the foundational skills of striking while also tapping into the winter theme and “ice skating” in the gym space and working in pairs to knock down and build up snow forts and snow sculptures.

Grades 3 and 4 honed in on their Pillo Polo skills of dribbling, passing, and moving with and without the ball. After developing individual skills, the focus was on teamwork and how to use the skills during group games. Following the group games, the students seized the opportunity to give each other shoutouts for displaying acts of good sportsmanship and kindness during the game. Grade 5 entered into winter sport specific introductory units of volleyball and wrestling while wrapping up a grade favorite, intramural badminton competition just before the break.

In addition, we’ve been starting every class with grade appropriate exercise circuits, and all of our students have risen to the challenge. Every grade has done an assortment of running laps, jumping hurdles, moving through agility ladders, perfecting planks, navigating the hula hoop walls, completing box jumps, shaking out battle ropes, pushing the sleds, and slamming medicine balls. Rest assured, if you get snowed in this winter break, fear not, your kids will have plenty of options for staying active. Just don’t blame us when the broom becomes a Pillo Polo stick.

By John O'Neill, Director of Athletics |

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