Physical Education News, December

Carl Geneus, Physical Education Teacher
December 6th, 2018

Pre-k to Fifth Grade Students Learn and Develop New Skills

It was a wonderful November in our physical education classes. We are so thankful to our students for giving their best effort as they learn foundational skills and the benefits of physical activity.

Pre-k students learned how to catch an object. They focused on three skills: following an object with the eyes; grabbing an object with the hands; and bringing tan object to their body for control. Students practiced using scarfs, beach balls, and balloons. In pre-k and kindergarten classes, students reviewed jumping, hopping, and leaping locomotor skills, catching, as well as non-locomotor core and stability skills with balancing. Using a rocket launcher for catching and balance board for stability, students continued to developed their skills. By students revisiting these skills, they will build confidence and strengthen their abilities. Students continued to develop their body control and locomotor skills (gallop and side slide) with musical songs, Act Like You Are In A Zoo and We are Moving Around. In addition, kindergarten students engaged in exciting and fun group games using the parachute.

In first grade, students continued to develop their ability to move in space, running, and dodging and chasing skills with Line Tag and Turkey Tag. They practiced kicking and dribbling footwork skills. Students also engaged in station activities of kick bowling, dribble obstacle course, and kicking with a soccer net, and a group activity of Stuck In the Mud. In second grade, the students focused on catching and striking skills. They used objects of different size and shape to work on individual and partner catching. Catching skills were further developed through group games of Ocean Rescue and station activities involving rings, gatorskin balls, and bean bags. Students practiced striking with hands and rackets as well as striking in different ways such as off a tee or with a partner.

Our third and fourth grade students focused on playground games, badminton, and fitness warm-up. They engaged in playground activities of Frisbee, four square, jump rope, and wall ball. The students gained a common set of the rules for playground games and learned positive ways to compete in non-sports activities. The students learned about pacing and discussed ways to develop stamina. The classes warmed-up was a four-minute sustained activity with the students choosing whether to run, line jump, and/or do jumping jacks. In badminton, the students worked on hand-eye coordination, practiced underhand serve technique, and engaged in individual and partner rallies.

In fifth grade, the students competed in tournament games in flag football, field hockey, and soccer. Students were able to experience athletic competition in small groups with a focus on developing their understanding of the rules and work on their skills in game situation. In addition, they went for a hike on the trails, learned basic yoga, and did fitness training. They continued to develop and build up their fitness with spin bike workouts, agility ladder training, and planks.

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