PE Update: October Is Made for Layers

Alex Tzelnic, physical education teacher and mindfulness director
October 7, 2022

It is a good time to talk about PE-appropriate apparel now that October is here. September was sunny and delightful, but with autumn in full swing, the temperatures are dropping, and some much-needed rain has arrived. That means many students are now wearing boots and warm clothes. This is a great thing! We pride ourselves on having an indoor/outdoor PE program and taking advantage of the trails, fields, tennis courts, and gymnasiums to keep our students active and engaged.

Yet having an additional pair of sneakers at school can be really helpful in the cooler months. Those boots that keep out the rain and snow might not be so good for the precision kicking activity we have planned for PE class. In addition, that lovely wool sweater that is super toasty will cause some overheating after a few warm-up laps, so having tees on underneath is ideal—as well as a water bottle on hand.

There is that old saying in New England, “If you don’t like the weather wait about 15 minutes.” Well, something similar could be said about our internal weather during PE—a student might feel chilly on the walk over to the Barn and then be sweating just a few minutes later. With smart layering, we can be prepared for all conditions, so please help students keep that in mind as they prep for school each morning. And if you have any questions about recommended PE attire, don’t hesitate to reach out. In our department, we happen to be athleisure experts.

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