Literary Magazine Club Debuts Spring Issue

Dean Spencer, social studies teacher and Echo advisor
June 8th, 2020

Creating and collaborating remotely for the past 12-weeks has not diminished the enthusiasm or excellence that the members of the literary magazine club have brought to the spring edition of Echo Magazine! 

"The theme for Volume VI, Issue 2 is Consciousness and Dreams. We try to make our themes as accessible as possible to a wide audience, and what better theme to help us do that than this? We have thoroughly enjoyed looking over all of our wonderful submissions this season, and were thrilled to get to read and look at such talented pieces. Thank you to all of our fantastic contributors, who make this magazine happen. We hope you’ll virtually flip through and see the amazing work inside! Enjoy!"

- Echo Staff: Ripley Bright ’21, Vivian Chuang ’21, Elena Ferrari ’20, Aviva Pearlmutter-Bearson ’21, Rosie Schrag ’21, and Audrey Wu ’21 -