Lights Out Day Planned for Wednesday, November 6

Sue Kelman, seventh grade student
November 1st, 2019

A group of middle school students has been meeting during lunch ever since the international climate strike on Friday, September 20. We are working toward various goals, and one of our first school-wide initiatives will take place next week, on Wednesday, November 6. We're calling it Lights Out Day.

The event promotes exactly what it sounds like: keeping the lights off as much as possible throughout the course of the school day. An average light bulb uses about 480 watts per school day, and many classrooms may have enough natural light to make lights unnecessary at many times of the day. Our goal for the day is to draw attention to how much energy we may be wasting on lighting. We hope the day will show how easy it is to make a difference.

Why not join us and try this at home, too? Maybe thinking about this can help us all cut down on other energy use. Thank you!

– Sue Kelman, seventh grade student, on behalf of the climate lunch participants

Lights Out Day