Learning Updates for Week of September 21 to 25

September 25, 2020

Author Visits Fourth and Fifth Grades  

On Thursday morning, fourth and fifth grade students had the opportunity to meet with author and illustrator Remy Lai from Brisbane, Australia. She gave us a tour of her home studio and talked about her brand new book Fly on the Wall and how the editing process works with words and illustrations. She even did a live drawing demonstration. Students came up with some excellent questions for Remy and learned all about the sources of inspiration for her work.

– Amy Sprung, school librarian

Physical Education: Out and About

Physical education classes have always been a natural fit for the great outdoors, and given the abundance of space on our campus, we’ve been delighted to move our program outside. The Osborne Tennis Courts, Far Field, and the trails have provided the perfect outdoor gymnasium in which to give our students space to come together, be active, and play. Each cohort has launched into the school year building community and building skills, and our electronic whistles have been quite the attraction. We’ve always appreciated the chance to inspire movement and joy in our students, but that has never felt more meaningful than it does now. If the first few weeks are any indication, BDS is in for an outdoorsy and engaging year.

– Alex Tzelnic, physical education teacher

Second Grade Explores Life’s Little Equations

In second grade, we have been working on building our community both onsite and remotely. This week, we read This Plus That: Life’s Little Equations by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Each student created their own unique Life’s Little Equation. One example is 25 Amazing Students + 4 Wonderful Teachers = 1 Awesome Second Grade Class! On Thursday, we read The Colors of Us by Karen Katz. We admired the vibrant colors that Karen Katz used in her illustrations while following Lena as she travels through her community in the big city. Our class had a wonderful discussion about respecting differences, embracing the beauty of diversity in every community, and learning more about the communities that we are a part of.

– Marta Trippe, grade 2 teaching assistant

Seventh Grade Looks Forward to New School Year

After a short week of offsite learning, seventh graders enjoyed returning to the classrooms–both indoor and outdoor–to get back into learning this week. During their time away, students created “2020 Vision Boards” to bring their inspirations, hopes, and dreams into perspective for the school year. As our classes got rolling, some picked up where they left off in the spring, and others used this week as a springboard for new content. We welcomed a new cohort of students to seventh grade as well as some new teachers! It has been an exciting week of relationship building, laughter, and academics and we can’t wait for the adventures that await us this year!

– Nicole Buck, Latin teacher and grade 7 advisor

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