Learning Updates for Week of November 9 to November 13

November 13th, 2020

Virtual Bookshelf Display Grows Around the Kiva

Middle school students engage in silent sustained reading (SSR) at least once a week. Studies have shown that making time for reading free choice books is one of the greatest predictors of overall academic success. In an effort to celebrate and share the many wonderful books students have been choosing this year, we have created a display of the book covers. Seventh and eighth grade students and faculty have enjoyed looking over the huge variety of choices–if you see a book repeat, that means it's pretty popular among middle school readers! Our virtual bookshelf begins outside the eighth grade English classroom in the Kiva and is steadily making its way toward the sixth grade hallway. We will continue to add book covers throughout the year; we can't wait to see how far the book covers will stretch!

– Elisabeth Klock, grade 8 English instructor

Middle School Books Display