Learning Updates for Week of November 2 to November 6

November 6, 2020

Physical Education: Grades 3-5

Throughout the fall, fifth grade students have been introduced to Belmont Day’s sport-specific offerings. In an effort to provide exposure, develop skills, and allow students to make informed decisions about their middle school athletics selections, fifth graders participate in two-week mini-units of each sport with one week of instruction followed by one week of competition. So far, students have played field hockey, soccer, and cross country, and will finish off the season with flag football. Every Monday afternoon, fifth graders also take to the local trails for a 45-minute hike.

“Getting out in nature has provided a great start to our week together. Our hikes have addressed both the mental and physical health of our students, and have turned into a highlight of our time together”.  – John O’Neill, director of athletics and grade 5 physical education teacher

Fitness is more important now than ever, and in fourth grade, our students have embraced every opportunity to be active. Starting off each class with a sustained jog followed by a daily assortment of fitness skills, the students have increased not only their stamina and endurance but also their confidence. The fourth graders have rotated through the games of soccer, ultimate frisbee, tchoukball, gold rush, and badminton.

“I’m so proud to see our fourth graders developing many healthy habits during PE, but the one that we enjoy the most is the joy of playing and competing with friends.” – Abbey Nyland, grade 4 physical education teacher

This year in third grade, mental and physical health are taught and practiced during each class through a wide range of fitness and teamwork activities. Every class starts with a version of tag followed by an array of fitness circuits focusing on increasing strength and endurance. The third graders have played a variety of games and activities such as soccer, kickball, tchoukball, and obstacle courses. Most importantly, the students are competing, cooperating, and having fun.

“Third grade is a pivotal year in PE. Students have been learning ways to improve their speed, strength, and endurance skills. The importance of communication and sportsmanship is emphasized in all group games.” – Eric Ridoré, grade 3 physical education teacher

Seventh Grade Latin Brings Roman Baths To Life

The past few weeks in Latin, seventh graders have been thinking innovatively on how to bring the ancient structure of the Roman baths to a modern audience. They studied the buildings from antiquity which contain rooms such as the caldarium (hot room), tepidarium (warm room), and frigidarium (cold room) before thinking about the needs and wants of today’s potential bathgoers. Built with popsicle sticks, cardboard, and recycled materials, the additions of gender-neutral changing rooms, child care facilities, food courts, and relaxation stations, the final models demonstrated great creativity, innovation, and a confident understanding of the Roman baths. optime factum!

– Nicole Buck, Latin teacher

Second Graders Explore the Democratic Process in a Mock Election

The second grade headed to the polls on Election Day to cast their ballots. The candidates? The endearing fictional canine-feline duo of Houndsely and Catina. Students began the process by brainstorming a list of characteristics of effective leaders. Some examples include a leader who is collaborative, thoughtful, respectful, warmhearted, and fair. From there, students created platforms for the two candidates and used this information to make an informed decision on Election Day. Although not all the ballots have been counted as we are still awaiting a mail-in ballot and absentee ballot, we will be sure to update you all on the candidate who received the most votes in our 2020 Election.

– Marta Trippe, grade 2 teaching assistant

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