Learning Updates for Week of November 16 to November 20

November 20, 2020

First Grade Designs and Builds Scientific Tools

First graders have been learning about scientists this fall, answering questions like, “What is a scientist?” “What does a scientist look like?” “Who can be a scientist?” “What do scientists do?” After discovering that scientists’ activities include thinking, using their senses, experimenting, exploring, and recording their observations, first graders designed their own science tools. They planned their project on Seesaw by drawing their tool, explaining the type of science it helps them do, and showing the materials they would need to create it. This week, first graders eagerly set to work creating their tools out of recycled materials and craft supplies. After they finished constructing their tools, they recorded videos on Seesaw explaining their tools and how they help do science. We shared our videos with each other to celebrate our first grade scientists!

– Katie Alexander, grade 1 teacher

Studying Artist Jacob Lawrence in Fifth Grade

Students have been working on their final projects to end our study of Jacob Lawrence and his artwork as shown in the picture book, The Great Migration. Jacob Lawrence painted a series of 60 panels depicting the struggles and journeys of African American migrants traveling to the North from the South during the Great Migration. Students were enlisted to draw panel 61. Some students chose to show what the next scene in Jacob Lawrence’s vision might have been, while others chose to depict how the Great Migration has influenced people and their lives today. Combined with their studies of Jacob Lawrence and his painting style in their art class, students are creating inspiring pieces of art and we are very excited to see how they all turn out!

– Lindsay Fitzgerald, grade 5 teaching assistant

Lessons Are Sprouting in Kindergarten!

In kindergarten, we recently kicked off our study of plants. We planted lima beans in soil and after just a few days, they have already started to sprout. The stretch of sunshine we had last week undoubtedly helped with their growth. We have been making observational drawings in our journals to track the growth of our lima bean plants. This week, we examined the exterior and the interior of some lima beans. After soaking the seeds overnight, we carefully opened them up and discovered parts inside such as the food supply, the baby plant, and even a leaf using our magnifying glasses! On a frigid day when we really needed our coats, we also learned that seeds have coats of their own for protection too. We will be taking the plants home this week and caring for them during remote learning. We will continue to experiment at home to find out what a seed needs in order to grow successfully. Stay tuned for some updates in a few weeks!

– Betty Pryor, kindergarten teacher

Kindergarten Celebrates ABCs Milestone

Kindergartners in Mrs. Hartvigsen’s cohort demonstrated their expertise with the alphabet this past week, sharing their knowledge on the first half of the letters. Each student used a variety of mediums to create one of the 13 letters learned: molding with clay, using natural materials, and even forming the shape of their letter with their own bodies! They also became the author and illustrator of a page about their special letter in our class alphabet book. Examples of their work can be seen in the hallway where we hang our coats and bags.

– Evelyn Metta, associate teacher in kindergarten

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