Learning Updates for Week of January 25 to January 29

January 29, 2021

Fourth Grade: Research Begins On Ancient Egypt

This week our fourth grade researchers began taking notes for a report about an ancient Egyptian topic of choice. Topics include everything from famous pharaohs to food and farming to magic and medicine. Students found resources from the library catalog, formulated research questions, and have been reading about their topics. In the coming weeks, they will write about what they have learned and present their findings at our Ancient Egyptian Symposium.

– Lana Holman, grade 4 teacher

Seventh Grade Math Tackles Real-World Applications

Seventh grade students recently completed their third math unit of study for the school year. Titled “Comparing and Scaling,” this textbook covered topics such as fractions, ratios, proportions, and percents. The students learned to apply each of these mathematical tools to answer questions and solve problems ranging from unit costs for groceries at a store, to how much to tip based on a restaurant bill, to what ratio of paint mixtures will result in a desired color outcome. Their exam for unit 3 focused exclusively on these real-world applications of math, and as such, brought to life math as applicable to and necessary in the real-world.

The fourth unit of math study is on “Filling and Wrapping.” This textbook focuses on surface area and volume of a variety of three-dimensional objects, including cylinders, cones, spheres, and rectangular and polygonal prisms. While our math studies will focus solely on the first three dimensions, a tangential question about dimensions during class on Tuesday led to a remarkable impromptu exploration of the existence of a total of 10 dimensions in our universe (according to string-theory theoretical physicists). The discussion fascinated students and left them wanting to learn more. Once again, we proved that math is never dull but a vehicle that can open the mind to the entire universe, or in the case of 10 dimensions an infinite number of multiverses. If this leaves you curious to learn more, ask a seventh grader!

– Stephen Bennhoff, middle school math teacher

Video Highlights: This Week In Physical Education

This week in physical education, our students, from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade worked on a wide variety of activities to increase fitness and sharpen skills including kicking, striking, throwing, jumping, dribbling, shooting, and much more! Starting this week, we’ll provide video highlights so you can see each grade in action. Click here to watch! And make sure to ask your student(s) about what they’re learning in PE!

– Abbey Nyland, physical education teacher


July 11, 2024

In late June music teacher Kassie Bettinelli and Latin teacher Nicole Buck traveled to Colorado Springs to attend The Gardner Carney Leadership Institute at the Fountain Valley School. The six-day intensive workshop helps K-12 teachers and administrators learn how to…


June 7, 2024

PE Update: First Graders Explore Their Athletic Identities At Belmont Day we often say that every student is an athlete. But what does that actually mean? Our Athletic Identity Project is a chance for first graders to explore that idea…

By John O'Neill, Director of Athletics |

June 7, 2024

Recipients of the 2023 Coaches’ Awards returned to campus Thursday afternoon for the Athletics Banquet. Before recognizing this year’s award winners, Liam Brodeur, Avery Schneider, Nebiyou Elias, and Quincy Treisman shared some advice with this year’s graduating class and then…

By John O'Neill, Director of Athletics |

May 31, 2024

Belmont Day’s mountain biking team has grown exponentially in gnarliness since its inception four years ago. This year’s squad benefitted from extended Monday rides, leveling up throughout the season, and culminating in the first-ever MTB “away game” at Great Brook…
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