Learning Updates for Week of April 27 to May 1

May 2, 2020

With the switch to offsite learning due to the coronavirus outbreak, our faculty will be sharing various curriculum highlights from their “classrooms” over the coming weeks.

First Grade Studies & Creates Snowflakes

The first grade students have been busy writers, mathematicians, and scientists this week! They have been making final edits to their small moment stories in anticipation of a digital author share next week. In math, they are working on adding two-digit numbers using different kinds of manipulatives found in their homes. Their study of weather has continued with a lesson about how snowflakes (or snow crystals) are formed. They got a chance to try “creating” a snowflake at home using paper, water, and salt. It has been fascinating to see what kinds of snow crystals formed after the salty water evaporated!

– Cicely Gibson and Beth Krebs, grade 1 teachers

Mixing Science and Creative Writing in Seventh Grade

In grade 7 science, students have been exploring ecosystems. This week, we learned about different cycles that exist within ecosystems, including the water cycle. As a creative assignment, students were tasked with taking on the persona of a droplet of water and describing their path through the water cycle. Students wrote so many fun and creative stories! Click here to read a few of their stories.

– Leal Carter, grades 7 & 8 science teacher

Scoring a GOOOOOOAL in Eighth Grade Spanish

Eighth grade Spanish class has been working on a unit based on sports. The students have learned vocabulary related to the topic as well as very specific grammar rules around verb conjugation and the past tense. Spanish-speaking soccer commentators are well known for their speed and passion when narrating a game. Students took on a challenge to make a short audio recording of themselves announcing the play-by-play of a soccer game. The students were as descriptive as possible about what was happening on the field so the listeners can get the picture and excitement of a soccer match. Check out this example of one soccer call that we posted on Facebook.

– William Yepes, middle school Spanish teacher

Arts Update: Choruses Combine To Share Song

In the lower and middle school choruses, students have been working on the song, “Give Us Hope” by Jim Papoulis. Lower school students have been working with Ms. Kitamura on developing tone, and working on open vowels. Middle school students have been working with Ms. Dempsey on dynamics, diction, and vocal technique. With the two choirs combined, students submitted a video in place of the previously planned performances at the Community Service Concert and the Moving Up Assembly. Click here to see and hear their collaborative effort!

– Yui Kitamura, music teacher

Fourth Graders Showcase Their Work on ‘Grecian Medley’ Website

This year’s Greek Storytelling Festival was held right before spring break, on Friday, April 17. To commemorate the big day, we all met online for a celebration of the students’ creativity and hard work. There were corny jokes, an opportunity to show off costumes, and an unveiling of our website, The Grecian Medley. Similar to what you would see at the in-person festival, the website allowed students and families to view the life-size gods, admire Greek pottery projects, and listen to Greek myths retold by the fourth grade storytelling teams. This week students are editing and putting finishing touches on their Greek magazines which will then be added to The Grecian Medley for all to see and enjoy. While bittersweet, it was wonderful to see all of the hard work we began in February come together. The fourth graders have so much to be proud of!

– Lana Holman and Mary Norman, grade 4 teachers

Kindergarten’s Caterpillars Provide Lesson in Transformation

Every spring, the kindergarten class raises painted lady caterpillars. Since we are away from our classroom this year, Mrs. Pryor had ten caterpillars shipped to her house and she has been caring for them there. It has been just over two weeks and the caterpillars are starting to prepare for their transformation into chrysalises. Check out this slideshow journal that the teachers have put together to document and teach the students about the caterpillars’ lives and growth. We are hopeful that we will have some butterflies emerge in a few weeks so keep visiting the slideshow for daily updates!

– Betty Pryor, kindergarten teacher

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