Learning Updates for September 9 and 10

September 10, 2021

Versatility Is the Name of the Game In PE

Last year our physical education department adapted to our circumstances by creating a truly indoor/outdoor program. PE has always been a natural fit for the great outdoors, and given the wealth of space on our campus, we were delighted to discover new ways to take advantage of our spaces. This year we are looking forward to building on this increased versatility by continuing to offer programming both indoors and out. That means we will ask our students to be adventurous, bringing appropriate layers and footwear depending on the weather, always having water bottles handy, and learning to welcome a bit of discomfort from time to time in the hopes of expanding comfort zones. We’ll be active in both natural environments and our amazing gym spaces. It promises to be an earthy and engaging year, and we can’t wait to get moving.

– Alex Tzelnic, physical education teacher 

Middle School Latin Students Dive Right In

Salvete omnes! In Latin this week, we welcomed a new class of sixth graders, and welcomed back our seventh and eighth grade Latinists. We spent some time reviewing class expectations, getting accustomed to our new space, and getting to know each other or refreshing old friendships! Sixth grade Latin students will begin their introductory unit on Roman life, ancient names, and our orientation to the ancient city of Pompeii. Seventh and eighth graders will kick off the year with a quick review of prior material and get ready to dive right into new material soon! Bona fortuna!

– Nicole Buck, Latin teacher 

New Face and Old Spaces for the Arts Team

The new school year is off to a tremendous start for the arts department. First, we are thrilled to welcome music teacher Tyler Cotner to the team. Mr. Cotner’s energy and expertise are inspiring us all to become musicians!

Many of our amazing studio and performance spaces are now back in business this year! In the Barn, the woodworking studio on the first floor, and the art studios on the second floor will welcome students for woodworking and visual art classes this fall. In the Schoolhouse, the Palandjian Arts Center will once again be the hub for theater classes, and the music room across from Coolidge Hall will ring with the sounds from Mr. Cotner’s music classes.

– Anne Armstrong, visual arts teacher and arts coordinator

Kindergartners Color in a Great Start to the New Year

The first few days of kindergarten are devoted to orienting students with classroom procedures such as snack and rest time, and getting to know one another, our surroundings, and our materials. We also start on day one focusing on the goal of fostering independence. For instance, the kindergarteners spent the first day sorting their crayons. Instead of the teachers filling the bins with crayons, each child received two boxes of new crayons to organize in whatever manner they wanted. This extra step allows each kindergartener to feel ownership of their belongings. The children also labeled these bins with their own handwriting to add to that sense of ownership. These crayon bins are then placed in a particular area of the classroom and the children can retrieve them at any time independently.

– Betty Chu Pryor and Missy Hartvigsen, kindergarten teachers

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