Learning Updates for June 6 to June 10

June 10th, 2022

From Maine to Hawaii: The Third Grade State Fair Shines Across the USA

Third graders celebrated the State Fair on Tuesday to a packed house of families and faculty. The fair is a beloved annual event in which students showcase their learning from the past two months of state research. The students took turns proudly sharing in a short speech a few interesting facts about their state and something important they discovered about themselves as learners.

On display were their written reports, relief maps of their states, graphs of the area of natural parks, promotional designs created in art class, flags and flag stands designed in woodworking, and models of their state animals. Some students even came in costumes that represented their state! It was a morning filled with pride, demonstrating the dedication, focus, and new skills the third graders developed this spring.

– Larissa Rochford ’93, Leigh Twarog, and Carlyn Simons, third grade teaching team

Third Grade State FairThird Grade State Fair