Learning Updates for June 3 to June 7

June 7, 2024

PE Update: First Graders Explore Their Athletic Identities

At Belmont Day we often say that every student is an athlete. But what does that actually mean? Our Athletic Identity Project is a chance for first graders to explore that idea and reflect on what it means to be an athlete.

The project begins in physical education. Students spend a class brainstorming different types of athletic endeavors, thinking about their goals, and practicing their favorite movements. During our next class, we take a portrait photo of each student that they feel represents their athletic identity.

Then the students spend a couple weeks working with Ms. Fuerst and Ms. Sprung in the library to plan, design, and create their Athletic Identity cards. Students are introduced to the Book Creator app and use various features to create a trading card. This week the innovation and physical education departments presented the cards to first graders so they could appreciate all the hard work they’ve put in as athletes and innovators! As we told them, the cards one day might be worth millions, but right now they are priceless.

– Alex Tzelnic, physical education teacher and mindfulness director

Rain Or Shine, Second Graders Ready To Embrace A Field Trip

The second graders took the saying “It’ll happen rain or shine!” very literally as we ventured into Boston for a soggy but fun field trip last week. For our first stop, we went to the UNICEF Heart String’s exhibit in the Cyclorama to learn about how to be global citizens and use our voices for positive change. Thanks to Megan Chien P ‘30 for helping to bring this exhibit to Boston!

For our second stop, we got to see the monumental sculpture, The Embrace, on the Boston Common with Jonathan Evans P ‘27, ‘30, who was the chief architect of the project. Students were excited to learn about how a memorial of that scale is built–they couldn’t believe it took seven trucks to bring the pieces from Washington State! They also completed a scavenger hunt to find all the names of local activists who are included in the quilt-like tiles at the base of the memorial. 

A little rain can’t stop our intrepid second graders from having a day filled with friendship, fun, and learning!

– The Second Grade Team

First Graders Learn Tech To Create E-Books, Audiobooks

First graders have been working hard to finish their final writing project of the year! As they completed writing, revising, and editing their small-moment stories, first graders began publishing their books. They added color and details to their drawings and designed their covers. Then, working with Ms. Fuerst and Ms. Sprung, they turned their stories into e-books using the Book Creator app on their iPads. They were able to take pictures of and add their cover and pages, as well as add additional text and backgrounds. The final touch to publishing was turning their e-book into an audiobook! First graders worked with a partner to record their voices reading their story. First graders worked very hard on all aspects of this project including the three phases of publishing, and they’re finishing their year as strong writers!

– Geoffrey Fox, first grade teacher

Arts Update: Students Shine At Spring Music Showcase

On Wednesday night, over 40 middle school students turned Far Field into an amphitheater for our very first BDS Spring Music Showcase! Like our Fall Music Showcase, the night was completely student-led. Students chose the venue, promoted the night, helped prep and offer feedback to their peers leading up to the event, and led all tasks related to running the show. From setting up microphones and colorful lights, running the soundboard, designing and passing out programs, and hosting, to performing familiar and original music, our students shined. Cheers of support for every performer created a relaxed and celebratory atmosphere for our students to proudly showcase their incredible work. Thank you to all who came out to support this event and our students! Click here to check out a photo gallery of the show.

– Kassie Bettinelli, music teacher

By John O'Neill, Director of Athletics |

June 7, 2024

Recipients of the 2023 Coaches’ Awards returned to campus Thursday afternoon for the Athletics Banquet. Before recognizing this year’s award winners, Liam Brodeur, Avery Schneider, Nebiyou Elias, and Quincy Treisman shared some advice with this year’s graduating class and then…

By John O'Neill, Director of Athletics |

May 31, 2024

Belmont Day’s mountain biking team has grown exponentially in gnarliness since its inception four years ago. This year’s squad benefitted from extended Monday rides, leveling up throughout the season, and culminating in the first-ever MTB “away game” at Great Brook…

By Devan Fitzpatrick, middle school learning support specialist and club advisor |

May 28, 2024

Our middle school chess club hosted a tournament against Milton Academy on Saturday, May 18. The type of tournament that they played was the Swiss System, which enables all students to play every round. Students from both teams played with…


May 28, 2024

Second Graders Raise More Than $10K for Gaining Ground On Community Service Day, the second graders spent the morning at Gaining Ground in Concord. Gaining Ground is a local nonprofit that grows and distributes 100% of its organic produce to…
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