Learning Updates for January 16 to January 20

January 20, 2023

Digging Into the Rocks In Sixth Grade Science

Students in sixth grade have started a unit on geology and are learning to define and explain the idea that geology determines biology, one of what Mr. Hamilton refers to as his four “Nursing Home Messages” (feel free to ask your sixth grader for clarification).

Having learned a bit about Earth’s layers and the ways in which they occur as a result of changes in temperature, density, and pressure, students went on to develop an understanding of the rock cycle and the three major rock types. Along the way, they had a chance to explore and closely observe a variety of rocks and minerals from around the globe to better understand how different locations, landscapes, and geological processes can impact the formation of crystals. From here, they will dive deep into plate tectonics and the ways in which Earth’s constantly moving plates sculpt and reshape the landmasses we call home.

– Bill Hamilton, sixth grade science teacher

Fifth Graders Unlock Understanding of Others

In fifth grade, students worked on their “Key to Understanding the Beauty of Others.” In chapter two of The Arrival by Shaun Tan we see the main character insert a key to unlock his new home and attached to this key is a symbol. In this activity, students constructed a physical symbol of the “key” to understanding others. The symbol represents an idea, concept, or behavior which they feel is the “key” to understanding the unique beauty of others.

– Vaniecia Skinner, fifth grade teacher

Third Graders Present Their Animal Adaptations

The third graders have been learning about the physical and behavioral adaptations of animals. As their culminating project, students designed and constructed an animal using their knowledge of adaptations as well as their own creativity! Some criteria included structural adaptations that allowed for an offense or defense against predators, instinctive behavioral adaptations, place within a food chain, and a habitat suited for its biome. Over the past few days, our third grade zoologists have been presenting these new species to their classmates in person as well as family members near and far via Zoom.

– Leigh Twarog, third grade teacher

By John O'Neill, director of athletics |

September 22, 2023

Belmont Day began the interscholastic season with six wins on Tuesday afternoon. The cross country, varsity football, boys’ varsity soccer, and varsity volleyball teams all opened up at home in front of joyful crowds and sunny skies. Cross country outran…


September 22, 2023

Update: Special Delivery from the White House!   In the spring, our first grade students (now awesome second graders!) learned how to write and mail letters as part of a letter-writing unit. They learned the structure of a letter, how…


September 15, 2023

Second Graders See Themselves, Classmates In second grade, we have been working on building our community and using our collective intelligence to create norms and guidelines to ensure friendship, fun, and learning for all. After reading This Plus That, Life’s…

By John O'Neill, director of athletics |

September 15, 2023

After a handful of years as an intramural sport, volleyball is taking its show on the road and will take on interscholastic competition this year. The transition has moved the sport from the winter to fall season and attracted 23…
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