Eighth Grader Creates Care Packages for Children Battling Cancer

Jennifer Friborg, grades 7 & 8 French teacher and Capstone coordinator
May 17th, 2021

Eighth graders, Amanie Yusef, studied chemotherapy for her Capstone journey. In addition to writing a research paper, creating an educational animated movie, and conducting an interview, Amanie wanted to reach out to children undergoing chemotherapy. Due to the pandemic, it was challenging to connect with an organization to work with directly. She went ahead and prepared thoughtful care bags for children with small craft activities and notes. On Monday, she was able to bring her project to fruition. Maureen Burge, from Care Dimensions, came to BDS to receive the bags and tell Amanie about her organization, which supports children and families on the North Shore. Maureen worked hard to arrange a way to deliver the bags directly to children, and she drove quite a distance to meet Amanie. We are impressed with Amanie’s dedication to carrying out her idea and thankful to Maureen and Care Dimensions for their amazing work.

Student Donating Care Packages