Be Appreciative

May 27th, 2016

Thank You
Thank you to Westcott Mercantile for loaning the BDS Barn Raising decorating team so many amazing items for Coolidge Hall! If you would like to visit Westcott Mercantile, they have two Belmont locations: Cushing Square and Belmont Center (in the space formerly known as Marmalade).

Belmont Appreciation Day
Thank you to BDS community members for participating in the PA’s Belmont Appreciation Day last Friday. We received numerous messages from Belmont business thanking us for our support and commitment to the greater Belmont community.

Below are just a few of the many notes the PA received from grateful local merchants:  

“We have always appreciated the Friday early release day and all the kids that use our store.  We appreciate them, customers comment on their nice behavior, and it's fun for all.” - Rancatore’s Ice Cream

“I can not thank you enough for this incredible gesture and expression of appreciation. This is unbelievably thoughtful and generous. Your understanding of the situation means more than you know.” - Lee Gaston, Bessie Blue

“This is such a thoughtful idea. You and the BDS family are to be congratulated as great neighbors. And, what a great learning moment for your students about the interdependencies among members of a community.” - Bob Mahoney, Belmont Savings Bank

“I want to personally thank the entire Belmont Parents’ Association for their continued support of shopping local. We at Bells & Whistles truly value our customers and are so grateful for this amazing gesture to shop local. It means so much to all the local businesses. Our town center has been directly impacted by the construction over the past year, and I am truly touched by this generous act of support. We look forward to welcoming BDS families, faculty, and students tomorrow and always! I cannot thank you enough for organizing this event!” - Bells & Whistles

“What has happened to Belmont Center shopping environment over the past 3 years has been earth shattering for us retailers! This is a tremendous gift from the Belmont Day community.  Your expression of gratitude for Belmont Center retailers and your creativity and level of support to help turn our Center around means so much to everyone.” - Sharlet Trilling, Terra Firma

“The BDS community shines brighter within its Belmont community.” - Heli Tomand, Belmont Food Collaborative

“Thank you so much for this initiative. Vintages greatly appreciates all the support shown by BDS admin and families over the years” - Carolyn Kemp, VINTAGES Adventures in Wine