Athletics News, March 5, 2021

John O'Neill, Director of Athletics
March 5th, 2021

Athletics Update: Fine and Sandoski Lead Fitness Charge

Sixth graders Perin Fine and Aleta Sandoski attacked the agility circuit in athletics this week with purpose. The duo led their classmates through ladders, hurdles, and cones in impressive fashion and set the bar high for the remaining middle school participants. Fine and Sandoski weren’t alone, however, with their impressive performance. Joining the two as top contributors this week were Liam Brodeur, Aria Goodpaster, Ezra Wolfson, and Sahana Miduturu. Collectively, all four of the sixth-grade cohorts brought their best to the fitness challenge and should be proud of their effort. The athletics department can’t wait to see this crew in Belmont Day uniforms!

Middle School Athletes