Athletics News, January 15, 2021

John O'Neill, Director of Athletics
January 15th, 2021

Winter Season 2021: Athletes Hit the Ground Running

After six weeks away from campus, middle school athletes hit the ground running (literally) upon their return last week. From now until February break, athletes will be rotating through six unique fitness offerings that will challenge their physical endurance and test their mental toughness. Included in these offerings are a timed mile run, a high-intensity spin class, a dynamic cross-fit circuit, and the infamous “beep test”. In previous years, athletes would only participate in each of these activities once per season. This winter, however, every cohort will cycle through each offering at least three times! Nearly through the first rotation, coaches have been impressed with the collective effort the athletes have brought to each class. It may not be on a basketball hardwood, wrestling mat, fencing strip, or volleyball court, but these athletes are still striving for excellence each and every day.

Athletes Stretching