Athletics Banquet Celebrates Eighth Grade Athletes

John O'Neill, director of athletics
June 5th, 2020

Sports can do so much for us. They can unite us. They can distract us. They can ground us. They can inspire us. Here at Belmont Day, sports aren’t simply about the skill, the strategy, or the competition, but more importantly, about teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership. These are the qualities that matter. And never have they been more important than they are today. Teamwork = the ability to unite together to work towards a common goal. Sportsmanship = the ability to act with dignity and respect for yourself and for others. Leadership = the ability to listen, understand, and guide others with confidence, compassion, and care. Moving forward we could all use a little more teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership in the world and our eighth graders have us well on our way. 

2020 Sports Achievers - Cole Sparks and Piper Morris

The Coaches’ Award recognizes the two eighth grade student-athletes who best embody the Belmont Day School values through athletics.

Recipients of this award value HONESTY on the playing fields by following the rules of the game. They demonstrate CARING by participating unselfishly with a focus on teamwork. They embody JOY through their positive attitude and cheerful nature in both practices and games. They value RESPONSIBILITY by always being prepared and committed to their teams. In encounters with teammates, coaches, and officials, they demonstrate RESPECT and play the game with integrity and sportsmanship. Above all, they value EXCELLENCE in athletics by consistently putting forth their best efforts and leading by example.

Congratulations, Piper and Cole! The core values are alive and well within our program and the two of you have been great ambassadors of our mission during your time in middle school. 

Eighth grade student Cole SparksEighth grade student Piper Morris