Associate Teachers Start Second Placements As 2021 Gets Rolling

Belmont Day School
January 28, 2021

Our 2020-21 group of associate teachers have enjoyed and learned from the challenges of this unique school year during their first classroom placements. Recently a few of the associates rotated to new classrooms while a couple of others will remain in the same spots for the remainder of the school year.

Here’s where our associates are now placed:

  • Danny Turken is continuing in fourth grade.
  • Charlie Baird has joined in sixth grade with Dean Spencer.
  • Evelyn Metta is working in first grade.
  • Cat DiCara ’12 is continuing in third grade.
  • Andrea Keohane has joined Jonathan Drummey in seventh grade.

Thank you to each of our associate teachers and Heather Woodcock, director of the associate teacher program, for all you add to our community and the teaching profession.


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