Associate Teachers Start 2022 In New Placements

Belmont Day School
January 4th, 2022

Our 2021-22 cohort of eight associate teachers have excelled during their classroom placements through the first part of the school year. As we return from winter break and begin the winter and spring portion of the school year, each associate will move to a second placement.

Associates will stay in these placements with new mentor teachers through the end of the school year:

  • Heather Oliver will be in second grade with Nancy Fell
  • Beckie Kmiec-Price '08 will be in kindergarten with Betty Pryor
  • Elizabeth Ho will be in first grade with Cicely Gibson
  • Carlyn Simons will be in third grade with Larissa Rochford '93 
  • Caroline Glass will be in sixth grade with Julia Juster 
  • Jordan Hill will be in eighth grade with Kate Burns
  • Danielle Kelly will be in seventh grade with Jonathan Drummey 
  • Steven Murray will be in fifth grade with Vaniecia Skinner

Thank you to all of the mentor teachers from the associates' first placements. And thank you to each of our associate teachers and Heather Woodcock, director of the associate teacher program, for all you add to our community and the teaching profession.

Collage of 2021-22 Associate Teachers