Associate Teacher Program to Host Technology Course

Heather Woodcock, Director of the Associate Teacher Program
February 21st, 2019

On March 2 and 3, teaching interns/apprentices from both BB&N and Shady Hill School will be joining our own cohort of associate teachers for a two-day course entitled "Designing a New Context For Learning." The lead instructor will be Dan Riles, technology integration specialist at the Brookwood School. 

Modeling best-practices by starting with concrete experiences that lead to building abstract understanding, interns and associates will code, build, make, iterate, and explore technologies that can be confidently and immediately integrated into classroom practice. These experiences will be framed through a set of pedagogical thought pieces that generalize to all teaching, and the power of reflective practice will be reinforced through the use of transformative technology tools.

A first grader and her teacher use Ozobots technology