Arts Updates: Woodworking and Music

February 9, 2023

Woodworking Is Rocking for Third Grade!

This week, third graders adding the finishing touches on their rocking people. This unique and fun construction helps to introduce students to using coping saws for making curved cuts and demanded slightly more complexity in its building than previous projects. Students, of course, also gave each rocking person a colorful paint job! The rocking people start rocking and will rock all night long with their new third grade friends until bedtime.

– Bill Smith, woodworking teacher

Special Visitor Drops By Second Grade Music Class

Second graders were treated to a visit from our wonderful wind ensemble director, Mr. Kristian Baverstam! The students had a glorious time learning about the music that wind instruments like the clarinet can make. Mr. Baverstam showed them the different pieces of the clarinet that come together to create its unique sound. A few students volunteered to try out the new instrument, and were coached through making elementary sounds by Mr. Baverstam, with lots of support from their classmates! Thank you to Mr. Baverstam for visiting and sharing your music with us!

– Tyler Cotner, music teacher

By John O'Neill, director of athletics |

March 24, 2023

This spring, a trio of JV teams will be competing interscholastically for Belmont Day. The girls’ lacrosse, tennis, and ultimate programs are all fielding junior varsity teams this year and athletes are off to a great start. Eighth graders Audrey…


March 24, 2023

Fifth Graders Write Free Verse Poetry Over the past week, our fifth graders have been writing their own free-verse poetry. The fifth graders’ definition of free verse poetry is a poem that has no rules but requires the author to…


March 24, 2023

When Belmont Day physical education teacher and mindfulness director Alex Tzelnic was challenged by bridging mindfulness and social justice in his lessons for fourth graders, he contacted Rhonda Magee, author of The Inner Work of Racial Justice, for help. A…
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