Arts News, March 5

Yui Kitamura, music teacher
March 5th, 2020

Recorders and Original Compositions

Students in the second grade music class completed the woodwind unit this week as they practiced basic resting and playing positions and the notes, B, A, and G on the recorder. During this unit, students learned about the variety of woodwind instruments as part of the year-long instrumental curriculum. For the past few weeks, they have been rehearsing Hot Cross Buns and improvising melodic patterns on the three notes. By practicing aural skills, students have been able to recognize the high and low notes. Furthermore, students have been working on identifying notes on the treble clef. Last week, we created whole class compositions, in which students came up with a melody and notated it on the staff. This week, students created their individual original compositions using those three notes. Check out this clip of students rehearsing Hot Cross Buns!

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