Arts News, January

Anne Armstrong, Visual Arts Teacher and Arts Coordinator
January 29th, 2021

Arts Update: Painstaking Printmaking for Seventh and Eighth Graders

This week, after starting the intensive by creating a sketchbook and then learning Kumihimo–a traditional Japanese braiding technique–the seventh and eighth graders in the Buck, Carter, Hannum, and Klock cohorts have been busy making prints. Challenged to create a series of collagraph prints that explores the themes of connections/intersections, students first created two relief printing plates from lightweight cardboard, and then covered each with aluminum foil. To print the plates, students used an unusual ink–water-based markers–which they applied directly onto the foil. Students needed to dampen their printing paper before pulling the inked image from the plate; as they worked they discovered and identified the skill and concentration needed to ‘pull’ a successful print. Next week the focus will turn to sculpture, and again, students will be challenged to use everyday material as their medium. Stay tuned for the details and results!


Middle School Art Student