Arts News, December 20

Bill Smith, Woodworking Teacher
December 20th, 2019

New Mobile Installed in Coolidge Hall

If you've looked up from your lunch this week, you may have noticed something new suspended from the ceiling of Coolidge Hall. A playful new mobile was recently installed by woodworking teacher Mr. Smith. The colorful piece was created by students in his Mobiles class over the fall. In the arts elective, the middle school students first made a mobile of their own and then decided to team up and make one together. Each student created an element of their own interest to contribute to the finished piece.

Student and their Creation:

  • Kiki Friedbauer - Tetrahedral Globe
  • Henry Monroe - Gears
  • Ripley Bright - Unicorn​
  • Milly Noble - Soccer Ball
  • Aviva Pearlmutter-Bearson - Paint Spill
  • Sarah McPeek - Fish
  • Julia Clayton - Pumpkin
  • Audrey Wu - Infinity Loop
  • Lauren Kopperl - Wings
  • Miranda Harlow - Globe
  • Lucy Myers - Flowers
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