Lower School Curriculum Pages

Grade 5 Curriculum

Fifth grade students are the leaders of the lower school at Belmont Day. Students at this age put tremendous physical, emotional, and cognitive energy into all that they do—whether it is writing in-depth reports about about activists, or mentoring second grade buddies. This is a time for discovering and exploring interests and passions as well […]

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Grade 4 Curriculum

Fourth grade is a year of exciting intellectual progress and growing independence. Students read with higher levels of fluency, expression, and comprehension. Their writing becomes more detailed and dense, their subject matter more intellectual, abstract, and conceptual. Research is more extensive and culminates in written and oral presentations about ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. Fourth

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Grade 3 Curriculum

The third grade program builds on the skills and knowledge children have learned in preceding years and encourages critical thinking, creativity, and respect for self and others. Students continue to gain skills and confidence working independently and taking on more in-depth concepts and projects. Third graders explore and organize information, research topics, and present information

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Kindergarten Curriculum

The full-day kindergarten classroom is a busy and joyful place. As experts in early childhood education, our faculty have designed a developmentally based curriculum that emphasizes a balance of creative play and foundational learning. Children extend their time on task and continue to solidify academic and social skills. Activities and materials provide many opportunities to learn

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Pre-kindergarten Curriculum

The pre-kindergarten program invites children to actively contribute, explore, and discover. As experts in child development, Belmont Day teachers integrate inquiry-based and experiential learning to nurture students’ curiosity and imagination. A central goal of the integrated curriculum is to create a sense of unity, belonging, and importance among our youngest students. The foundation is informed

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Grade 2 Curriculum

Second grade students apply what they have learned about the meanings of letters and numbers to more complex challenges and to further develop their analytical abilities. They are eager to look outside themselves, compare their experiences to others, and discover the broader world. Second grade students learn about animals, the environment, and the Earth’s resources.

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Grade 1 Curriculum

The first grade curriculum continues to integrate academics and arts to explore themes and skills. Faculty build early literacy and math skills; developmentally appropriate activities extend students’ individual abilities through small and large group work. Students particularly enjoy filling specially-decorated book bags with “just right” books to read at home and celebrating the 100th day of

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