Pre-kindergarten World Language

At Belmont Day exposure to world languages begins in pre-kindergarten. The students have a variety of informal language experiences in the classroom based on languages spoken by members of the classroom community. Once a week, students are also introduced to French through puppets, songs, poems, and games. From pre-kindergarten to second grade, the emphasis is on developing oral skills.

The topics are revisited and broadened each year, and include: 

  • greetings and civilities
  • expressing moods, needs, and feelings
  • numbers
  • colors
  • shapes
  • foods
  • family members
  • animals
  • body parts
  • days, months, and seasons
  • weather expressions
  • prepositions
  • action verbs, including classroom directions
  • geography of France (three main towns, bordering countries)

Students develop their aural skills and notice patterns, similarities, and grammar through learning songs and poems. They learn to play games as a group, then in partners, practicing their social skills in French.