Pre-kindergarten Science

Pre-kindergarten children are natural scientists; they experiment freely with the world they encounter, note the results, and create new experiments, all the while developing theories about the way things work. The pre-kindergarten program provides a wealth of opportunities, both structured and unstructured, for children to extend and enhance these skills. Designated science and sensory centers allow children to observe, manipulate, and create using familiar and unfamiliar media. Frequent interactions with the natural and human worlds foster a sense of mission and discovery. We take advantage of our woodland setting and can frequently be found exploring the outside environment.

Our pre-kindergarten students will:

  • ask questions, comment, and record observations
  • make and verify predictions about what will occur
  • collect data
  • report on and compare data
  • follow a scientific experiment and record results
  • use scientific vocabulary
  • use scientific instruments (scales, magnifying glasses, eye droppers, petri dishes, etc.)
  • make observational drawings
  • plant and tend the school garden
  • build creative structures that balance, move, and roll