Pre-kindergarten Math

Young children are naturally curious about quantity, data, magnitude, capacity, shape, numbers, and measurement. Our program is designed to provide engaging experiences in these areas. Small group instruction, centers, and play activities increase awareness and build a foundation for mathematical thinking. 

Our pre-kindergarten students will:

  • actively participate in activities dealing with number, size, shape, weight, length
  • construct mathematical meaning through real-world experiences and use of physical materials
  • understand one-to-one correspondence
  • recognize and write numerals 
  • count and organize materials to tell the number of objects
  • compare larger and smaller numbers and groups of items
  • understand addition as putting items together and subtraction as comparison or taking items away 
  • sort, categorize, and classify objects and group sets of items with like attributes
  • describe and compare attributes using vocabulary such as longer/shorter, same length, heavier/lighter, wide/narrow
  • identify, analyze, compare, and create shapes 
  • create, identify, and extend patterns
  • collect and displays data from class surveys and votes to draw conclusions
  • make predictions and problem-solve when presented with puzzles or challenges
  • estimate small quantities