Pre-kindergarten Information Literacy and Technology

In pre-kindergarten students visit the library on a weekly basis to begin developing information literacy skills, hear a story, and borrow books to take home. Pre-kindergarten library classes take place in the cozy story room, which maintains the stone walls of the original cottage, and then explore the greater library space to find books to take home.

In general, our students at this level do not use technology although they see its utility in the library, at sharing assemblies, and as a resource frequently used by teachers to respond to their questions.

Our pre-kindergarten students will:

  • request materials based on personal interests
  • choose books of interest by looking at cover, content, and illustrations
  • demonstrate active listening skills
  • identify the library and librarian as resources for finding information and literature
  • learn the process for library checkout and return
  • demonstrate library basic book care and treatment skills