Grade 4 World Language

At Belmont Day, exposure to world language begins in pre-kindergarten. The students have a variety of informal language experiences in the classroom based on languages spoken by the classroom community. Twice a week, the students also study French through songs, poems, video skits, and games. In third and fourth grade the emphasis is on communication by reinforcing oral skills and developing reading and writing skill.

The topics are revisited and broaden each year and include:

  • greetings and civilities
  • expressing moods, needs, feelings, and ailments
  • numbers
  • colors
  • clothing
  • house and furniture
  • physical and personality description
  • foods likes and dislikes
  • family members and their relationships
  • pets, sports, activities and hobbies
  • time, days, months, and seasons
  • weather expressions
  • prepositions
  • actions verbs, including classroom directions
  • Europe facts, including the study of France

The students are introduced to French reading rules. They are introduced to basic, but crucial, grammar concepts such as word order, gender, noun adjective agreement, personal pronouns, and tenses. They also write short texts about themselves and practice communicating missing pieces of information.