Grade 4 Woodworking

Fourth graders enter woodworking with the opportunity to reinforce their woodworking skills and develop many new skills during the year. In conjunction with their art class the students create a tri-loom. The details of construction involve accurate measurement and layout using a speed square to create an isosceles triangle. The tri-loom assembly require a sequence of steps involving gluing and nailing many individual parts together. Their wooden box project reinforces current skills and introduces additional woodworking techniques. During the winter the students complete a miter box and in the spring design and build a project of their choice. The students are justifiably proud of their successful accomplishments in completing long term projects incorporating skills fundamental to the craft of woodworking.

Our fourth grade students will:

  • complete project boxes: each student designs, builds, and finishes a box of specific dimensions
  • follow a process from design drawing to a finished project
  • measure accurately
  • use tools properly
  • understand construction techniques
  • finish items with polyurethane or paint
  • use safe workroom habits