Grade 4 Visual Arts

Students in fourth grade continue to explore a wide variety of materials and processes. As they engage in visual expression, students learn about artistic concepts such as color, shape, texture, contrast, form, and pattern. They draw, sculpt, paint, print, and combine materials to create two and three-dimensional artworks. Self-expression and connections between visual art, nature, daily life, other artists, and cultures are explored as students design and develop their artworks.

Artists construct their own sketchbooks in which they draw from observation and imagination. Student art making experiences also include combining materials to create sculptures connected to classroom curriculum related to classroom units on ancient Egypt and Greece, printing with inscribed blocks based on student drawings, painting to develop imagery, and collaborations with other specialists and classroom teachers such as the woodworking class to create handmade looms to make one of a kind dyed weavings.

Past fourth grade projects include:

  • coil constructed ceramic Greek vases
  • low relief ceramic tiles
  • dyeing and weaving projects
  • quiltmaking
  • Minoan-inspired illustrations
  • classroom mural painting
  • flora and fauna block prints