Grade 4 Social Studies

The fourth grade social studies curriculum is a year-long study of ancient cultures. The students develop an understanding of and appreciation for the history of ancient Egypt and Greece. Students learn about fact verses theory, the recording of time, and geography to help them investigate these civilizations. They learn through writing, reading, research, group and individual projects, and discussion. The first trimester covers archaeology, the important aspects of a civilization, timelines, and ancient Egypt. During the second trimester, fourth graders continue their exploration of the ancient civilization of Egypt. They study about an individual topic of interest. Students practice research skills, read nonfiction texts, develop theories, and analyze information. Fourth graders spend the third trimester studying ancient Greece. They read children’s versions of Homer’s great epic poems,The Iliad andThe Odyssey, as well as D’Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths. They research and study the people, places, and events of this great ancient civilization in order to create an ancient Greek magazine. At our fourth grade Socratic school, students ponder interesting philosophical questions, and they also learn about ancient Greek architecture in order to create Hera’s Temple. Our culminating event, the Greek Festival, highlights student knowledge of Greek story and their work for the year.

Our fourth grade students will:

  • create a personal time line
  • understand BC and AD and BCE and CE as designations for measuring time
  • learn the geography of ancient Egypt and Greece
  • gain experience with archeological techniques
  • understand how ancient civilizations grow and thrive
  • research an ancient Egyptian topic and present at the Ancient Egyptian Symposium
  • discover the oral traditions (Homer) and mythology of ancient Greece
  • participate in an ancient Greek class production
  • practice reading nonfiction texts
  • develop research skills, such as finding resources and taking notes