Grade 4 Science

Our fourth grade science explorations begin with a unit on plant growth and development. Through a series of activities, the students learn about plant structures and their functions by growing their own bean plants.

Our study of ancient Egypt is the focus of our second semester work in the science room. The students learn and apply the science of pyramid building to build their own scale models, engineering their pyramids by using a variety of recycled materials. The fourth graders review the process by which the ancient Egyptians mummified and then wrapped their dead. Students then embark upon a very exciting project to successfully mummify Cornish hens!

The third trimester of science sees the fourth graders exploring light and the constellations. Each student is responsible for learning about one constellation in-depth, by creating illustrations, and retelling myths. Additionally, every student collaborates with classmates to create a star map depicting the constellations they would see during a particular season of the year. Connecting with their prior study of plants, the fourth graders grow plants from seed and leaf cuttings to sell at a school-wide plant sale, in order to generate funds for an environmental cause. Students finish the trimester with a unit focused on marine studies, specifically the rocky shore of Massachusetts.

Our fourth grade students will:

  • make connections in the world of science
  • wonder and increase their knowledge and understanding of the natural and physical world
  • increase their experience with the scientific method of making observations and predictions, testing hypotheses, performing experiments, and recording results
  • keep an observation journal to record experiments, observations, and theories about topics studied
  • understand the scientific process and how to apply it to scientific investigations