Grade 4 Physical Education

Students in the fourth grade physical education program focused on refining and strengthening fundamental movement patterns and are introduced to basic sport concepts in preparation for their transition to the athletics program. Students gain basic knowledge of sports specific skills by combining locomotor and manipulative skills in increasingly complex situations. They participate in various movement activities including volleyball, badminton, track, basketball, soccer, and noodle floor hockey.

Fourth grade students will:

  • work cooperatively in a group
  • develop self-control and sportsmanship
  • improve ability to balance while stationary and while moving
  • build muscle strength and body coordination
  • develop knowledge of basic wellness principles
  • develop enhanced concept of personal fitness
  • increase cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength
  • improve ability to work and play with others toward a common goal
  • develop ability to listen, suggest ideas, and compromise
  • exercise vigorously during each physical education class