Grade 4 Music

The fourth grade music program is organized into units that introduce students to songwriting and folk songs from around the world. Every student learns about the components of a song such as lyrics, chord progressions, musical scales, and rhythm. Units end with a showcase of the various compositions written. Fourth grade students also conduct research about a folk song and country of their choice. 

Our fourth grade students will:

  • Learn and perform songs using basic chord progressions with C, F, G7 and Am chords on the ukulele
  • Write their own lyrics after studying rhyme schemes and imagery 
  • Practice their songs using original strumming patterns  and rehearse in small groups 
  • Perform their original song using vocal and instrumental skills 
  • Perform rounds and partner songs in the Winter Concert 
  • Sing folk songs in various languages and study its meaning and form 
  • Learn about the pentatonic scale, blues scale, and major/minor scale
  • Perform arrangements of the folk songs using xylophones, boomwhackers, tambourines, piano, and ukuleles