Grade 4 Information Literacy and Technology

In fourth grade, students begin learning digital citizenship concepts such as the importance of developing and keeping a secure password and the basics of email etiquette. Students regularly contribute to the classroom blog and create multimedia presentations. In collaboration with the classroom teachers, the librarian familiarizes students with the Massachusetts Children’s Book Award and the nominees for the year. Students read books and publish reviews in the library catalog in order to add to the collective scholarship and, in so doing, learn about online publishing and editing. The teachers and the librarian work to reinforce concepts related to the research tools available both in the library and online. When completing their in-depth research projects on Egypt, students learn how to use information ethically and are introduced to a citation management tool, which they use to practice citing works for their project.

Our fourth grade students will:

  • understand that there are awards for quality literature
  • cite sources using title, author, page, publisher/web page, and copyright date, for a variety of print used in research
  • define major genres in children's fiction and recognize a variety of distinguished authors in those genres
  • develop an appreciation for quality literature
  • develop online search skills using keywords for simple search by subject
  • follow process for library checkout and return
  • locate nonfiction books by call number using Dewey Decimal System
  • understand the process of producing high quality writing for publication
  • understand their role in contributing to the greater learning community by submitting a book review to be published in the library catalog