Grade 2 Woodworking

Second graders enter woodworking with the opportunity to build upon their woodworking skills and develop new skills throughout the year. They create wooden people, paddle boats, a “hole in a box,” as well as a wooden figure of their endangered animal. Construction involves accurate measurement, marking and making parts at specific lengths, and use of a miter saw and drill. During class, emphasis is placed on cooperation, the ability to share, and the willingness to offer assistance to peers.

Our second grade students will:

  • use tools to cut, measure, smooth, join, and finish projects
  • design, draw, and discuss plans for projects
  • recognize and use appropriate terminology
  • identify basic hand tools
  • demonstrate the proper use and care of tools
  • use accurate measuring skills
  • learn techniques for the manipulation of wood to achieve design choices
  • understand the properties of wood
  • demonstrate good safety habits