Grade 2 Theater Arts

In second grade students build on the fundamental skills of theatricality they acquired in first grade. They learn how to become more confident speakers, how to better control their vocal projection and stage diction, and practice additional microphone techniques for assistance on the stage. Through the use of drama games, creative movement, choreography, puppetry, poetry, and theatrical critique, they continue to expand upon their performing arts skills. In addition, students take part in the first and second grade musical production as the lead performers. They are then tasked to learn lines and lyrics, acquire choreographic moves, and help with the creation of costumes and sets.

Our second grade students will:

  • hone their ability to memorize
  • demonstrate their understanding of the parts of a theatrical production
  • expand their theatrical vocabulary
  • utilize physical expression techniques (with focus on Edwin Wilson and Alvin Goldfarb methodology)
  • learn more about who William Shakespeare was and delve into his biography
  • use basic improvisation to create dramatic events and characters
  • continue to build their confidence as an orator and presenter