Grade 2 Science

Second grade students take full advantage of the Belmont Day School garden where they utilize the scientific method: prediction, observation, analysis, and conclusion to increase their knowledge of the natural world. Their explorations also take them into an extensive study of water: the water cycle, uses and properties of liquid and frozen water, and the protection of this natural resource. Research skills, including note taking, drawing, labeling, categorizing, summarizing, theorizing, and drawing conclusions are introduced through the extended research project on endangered animals.

Our second grade students will:

  • begin a study of a new area of science by generating a list of questions to answer and information already known
  • record experiments, observations, and theories about evaporation, condensation, freezing/melting, surface tension, and water pressure
  • know about the recovery efforts and organizations that support endangered species
  • use research skills to complete a research project
  • formally present information to the class
  • know the characteristics of animals
  • use science tools with confidence
  • record and interpret scientific data