Grade 2 Math

The second grade mathematics curriculum creates mathematical thinkers who love to solve problems, riddles, and challenges. They know that mathematics is more than arithmetic although they also delight in computational proficiency. Our program is designed to help our students understand the utility, practicality and attraction of mathematics. Our students love to engage in mathematical thinking, one of their favorite activities is to verify their estimations by using many computational strategies to find precise answers. Topics of study include time, money, standard measurement, multi-digit addition and subtraction, geometry, and an introduction to multiplication, division, and fractions.

Our second grade students will:

  • understand, read, and write increasingly large numbers
  • have facility with addition and subtraction facts
  • employ multiple effective strategies for computation such as decomposing, landmark numbers, and open number lines
  • skip count beginning with random numbers
  • look for, recognize, and create patterns and relationships
  • understand the structure of place value
  • collect, organize, represent, and describe data
  • solve and create story problems involving computation and logical thinking
  • confidently explain mathematical thinking and relationships
  • attend optional math challenge lunches